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October 2014

4 Things Millennials Wish the Church Would Be

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The mass exodus of Millennials (today’s 18- to 30-year-olds) from the Christian faith has caused many leaders to wring their hands about the future of the church. Some have answered Millennials’ criticisms that the church is irrelevant and boring by trying to be trendy and hip. But a new study—Making Space for Millennials, a joint project of Barna Group and the Cornerstone Knowledge Network—reveals that Millennials may be looking for just the opposite.

Millennials, it seems, wish the church would just be, well, the church. Here are four key findings from the Barna/CKN research that point to this conclusion:

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Your Sneak Peek at This Year’s Conference

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Many faith communities and Christian organizations are struggling with how to make space for Millennials—not just appealing space in their buildings and gathering places, but also space in their institutional culture, ministry models and leadership approach.

Last year, Aspen Group commissioned Barna Group to conduct a groundbreaking study focused on what types of spaces draw in 18- to 30-year-olds—otherwise known as Millennials. And you’ll finally find the answers you’ve been looking for when we present those findings at this year’s Alignment Conference.

Take a peek at what you’ll discover.