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August 2015


Why 20s Will Leave Church Before They Ever Get to the Auditorium

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You just got off the plane in a new airport that you’ve never visited before. As you walk up the jetway to the gate and terminal, your mind starts to race.

Where am I going? I’ve never been here before. I don’t want to ask. Then everyone will think I don’t travel. All those fast-walkers in suits will scoff at me as they pass by.

What’s your saving grace in this situation? The signage. And the fact that airports are laid out to be fairly easy to navigate.

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Lack of ‘Visual Clarity’ May Be Driving People From Your Church

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One of the key ways a church conveys authenticity is by ensuring that what a person sees and experiences when he or she walks into your worship service is consistent with the messages heard or communicated in the service. The new Barna/CKN study Making Space for Millennials refers to this consistency between experience and messaging as visual clarity.

“Visual clarity is huge,” says Alignment Conference speaker Taylor Snodgrass, who embarked on a church road trip to discover churches that were doing a good job of reaching 20-somethings. “We walked into a few churches that didn’t have good signage, and we just wandered around. We weren’t sure where to go—and Millennials don’t want to ask. We just want to go in and experience the space without having to ask someone, especially if it’s our first time at church.”
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7 Ways to Change the Story About Giving to Your Church

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This was the largest capital campaign in our church’s history, so my wife and I were asked to meet face-to-face with key leaders. As Karen and I drove to Caribou Coffee to meet a twenty-something couple in our church, I thought, This meeting may not be easy. Mark and Debbie care so passionately about social justice, they moved into the lowest-income apartment complex in our area, and they have the bedbug bites to prove their commitment. Now we’d be asking them to give, when much of their gift would build a new sanctuary for our suburban congregation.

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