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September 2015


Enhance Your Stories With These Three Technologies

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We all have that one friend. You know, that friend who can pull you into a story and make a trip to the DMV sound like a trip to Disneyland.

Maybe it’s their humor or their wisdom or their deft interpersonal skills, but you hang on their every word. You laugh when they laugh. You cry when they cry. And all the while, you wish your stories could sound half as interesting.

What if we as a church—both locally and collectively—had that same draw to the world around us? What if we could communicate the same magnetism and intrigue in the way we tell a story? After all, we have the privilege of telling the greatest story ever told—the Gospel.
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Register Now for Building A Story

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We’re exactly one month away from this year’s Alignment Conference. Yes, one month!

And that means you’re 30 days away from finding out whether your church is advancing the mission of your church, or limiting your growth. You’ll discover the story your space is telling and find out if it’s inviting or repelling people from finding community…from finding God.

You’ll discover these things, that is, if you’re registered. Sign up your team today!


Is the Church You’re in Today Built to Reach People in the Future?

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Church buildings are always a reflection of and a response to the culture in which they exist. For instance, when I design a church, I want it to reflect the DNA of that particular congregation. The building itself tells a story about who the church is. By its design, you can tell what the church values and what its mission is.

At the same time, churches are also designed to respond to the changing needs of the times. In recent years, many churches have built gyms in their facilities both as a response to the increased interest in personal fitness and in hopes of creating space to attract the unchurched.
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How to Begin Building a Generous Church Culture

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Generous churches are a by-product of generous leadership. At Generis, we’ve seen a common denominator among financially-thriving churches. The leadership sets the pace.

Of course, everyone knows this mentality to be true, but for some reason we tend to diminish its validity when it comes to building a generous giving culture. Conversely, churches who never seem to have enough money to fund their vision often have several members of staff and leadership who show no giving history.

If there’s one thing we hope you get from this brief video segment, it’s that building a generous culture starts with you – the leader.

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Building a Story Trailer

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Can an older brick church serve as a beacon of light in a city blighted by violence and economic distress? Can a newer big-box church serve as a community hub in its affluent suburban neighborhood? Two churches. Two very different stories. Both united by a common goal to bring the Gospel to a broken world.

At this year’s Alignment Conference, you’ll get a chance to hear how these churches are building a story in and through their ministry space.

Watch a preview of their stories here and then register for Alignment today.


The Power of Storytelling Through Music

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Alanna Story—a Midwestern-based worship band focused on creating a powerful, energetic atmosphere for others to encounter the presence of God—will be sharing their stories through music at this year’s Alignment Conference. Meet them below.

The most frequent questions we get asked as we travel is, “Who is Alanna Story” and “where does the name come from?” They’re both great questions! Hopefully our answers always do more than just define the origin of the name, but give greater insight into who we are as artists and what we have always felt called to in music.

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How to Consistently Tell Your Church’s Story

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Last night on the soccer field, my 12-year-old received her first yellow card (a warning call given after aggressive behavior), and she had to leave the field. The call was questionable, but our daughter responded with respect and humility. And she quickly regrouped. I was proud to see her excelling at this life lesson.

So that’s what was happening on the soccer field.

In the stands, my husband and I were all worked up. Mama Bear (that’d be me) wanted to run down, hug her, and let the ref know how ridiculous his call was. And my husband, who is typically even-keeled and mild mannered, was ready to throw a punch.

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A Better Way to Understand Generational Differences

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On an early, parched Texas summer morning, I drove a few hours south of my Dallas-Forth Worth home to an intentionally aged Texas Hill Country retreat center. I would be releasing mindSHIFT’s new research on workplace engagement and the office of the future to a group of clothing manufacturing executives, who ranged in age from mid-40s to early-60s.

As I unpacked the research, I shifted into our findings on Millennials (18- to 30-year-olds). I could feel the temperature in the room shoot up. Several pent-up opinions bounced around the table like a beach ball punched back and forth in the air. Clearly, I had hit a hot button.

I’ve noticed that the word “Millennial” has become a sort of Rorschach test: It tells us more about the mindset of the group we are speaking with than the subject itself. As the executives aired their grievances about what’s wrong with today’s youth, it didn’t take long for the “memes” to come out: Millennials are—“Disrespectful, entitled, anti-social, selfish, uncaring, digital natives who never answer their phones or email and are represented by the likes of Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Jersey Shore, and Teen Mom.”

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