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July 2017


Responding to Your Vision of Church Expansion: An Aspen Podcast

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If your church wants to expand to more locations, you must first know the questions to ask:  What does “going multisite” mean? And a “church plant” . . . is that the same thing? How do other churches make a decision to expand? How might it affect the leadership and operations within my church?

In Episode 1 of the Alignment Conference Podcast, Brooke Hempell, senior VP of research at Barna Group, shares what she learned when asking church leaders around the country these same questions—all compiled in the More Than Multisite research study.

And if you’re not a numbers person, don’t worry. In this conversation, Brooke helps make sense of the data in applying it to your vision of church expansion.

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5 Models for Church Expansion

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Whatever the churches in your neighborhood look like, stop for a moment, and consider the church that isn’t there. At least, that isn’t there yet.

What will it look like? Who will attend? What will its relationship be with the people who live, work, and play in your zip code? How will it be built to reflect the values of those pastoring and attending the community?
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3 Ways to Spot a Great Leader

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It can be challenging to find excellent leaders. Here are three characteristics I look for to spot a great leader, plus which qualifications and traits are necessary and which are not.

When identifying leaders, it’s important that they demonstrate the following three characteristics:
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