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October 2017


How to Think Strategically (and Spiritually) About Church Expansion: An Aspen Podcast with Thrive Christian Church

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Whether you’re considering the launch of your first multisite campus, thinking about planting your tenth church, or exploring the relocation of your existing church space, you must think strategically about that expansion process.

The two guests on this fifth and final episode of the Alignment Conference Podcast know that reality all too well.

For nearly three years, Bob Gray, project developer at Aspen Group, and Graham Richards, senior pastor at Thrive Christian Church, worked alongside each other exploring new growth opportunities within the church. And this past summer, all that work came to fruition with the opening of Thrive’s new site in Westfield, Indiana.

In this episode, Bob and Graham reflect back on that process, discussing the questions they worked through, including:  How do you know when it’s time to make a change, and, what kind of change should be made?

On October 17, Thrive Christian Church will host the 2017 Alignment Conference, giving church leaders a chance to see firsthand the impact that a new, strategically-designed space can have for a church. Listen to this podcast, and you’ll be well prepared for this year’s event.

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