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4 Keys to Leveraging Your Church Building to Help Fuel a Multisite Strategy

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If you want to ignite a culture of strategic expansion, you have to build for one – literally. But buildings require time and capital. For some churches, especially those that are focused on reaching more people for Christ as quickly as possible, the thought of building new campuses or investing in permanent space seems at odds with a nimble, frugal approach to launching multiple congregations.

Aspen Group, as founders of the Cornerstone Knowledge Network (CKN), commissioned Barna Group to research the impact of today’s various methods and models for church expansion. We wondered what role facilities play in reaching more people with the Gospel and fueling a church’s growth strategy. Does a building inhibit a church’s ability to expand, or does it actually help create steady, sustainable growth?

Four key themes emerged in our More Than Multisite research in regards to designing and planning for multiple church facilities:
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Is the Church You’re in Today Built to Reach People in the Future?

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Church buildings are always a reflection of and a response to the culture in which they exist. For instance, when I design a church, I want it to reflect the DNA of that particular congregation. The building itself tells a story about who the church is. By its design, you can tell what the church values and what its mission is.

At the same time, churches are also designed to respond to the changing needs of the times. In recent years, many churches have built gyms in their facilities both as a response to the increased interest in personal fitness and in hopes of creating space to attract the unchurched.
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