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The Number One Way to Make Communications a Priority at Your Church

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Is worship a significant priority in the life of your church? What about the children’s ministry? Or the student ministry? Adult discipleship or small groups? I’m sure you said yes to all (or most) of these.

What does it take to run each of these ministries well? It takes a centralized leader and team who are focused and dedicated to pray and think about their specific ministry area—its purpose, programming and more—with great intention. The leader and team drive their specific ministry area for the benefit of your congregation and community.
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How to Consistently Tell Your Church’s Story

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Last night on the soccer field, my 12-year-old received her first yellow card (a warning call given after aggressive behavior), and she had to leave the field. The call was questionable, but our daughter responded with respect and humility. And she quickly regrouped. I was proud to see her excelling at this life lesson.

So that’s what was happening on the soccer field.

In the stands, my husband and I were all worked up. Mama Bear (that’d be me) wanted to run down, hug her, and let the ref know how ridiculous his call was. And my husband, who is typically even-keeled and mild mannered, was ready to throw a punch.

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