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To Build a Generosity Story, Start with Why

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Leaders move fast. Leaders get stuff done. Leaders solve problems and point the way. But leaders also often talk about solutions and moving in a new direction long before others even realize a problem exists.

They start with the “what” and not the “why.”

I personally experienced this phenomenon while repairing a section of my backyard fence. As any father would do in the hopes of effectively leading his family, I told my two oldest sons that they would be helping me with the project. In every aspect of the job—from demolition of the broken fence to setting posts to nailing new fence slats—I found myself explaining the “what” of our process several times. “We need to do this first so that….” “This hole needs to be a few inches bigger in order to….” As a result, very little of our work was inspiring.

I see the same thing play out in the local church.
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