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Is Your Church Ready for Multisite?: An Aspen Podcast Featuring Jim Tomberlin

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You’ve thought about going multisite. You’ve even talked about what that could mean for your church. But how do you know if you’re ready to make the move?

After all, multisites seem risky—church planting too. You’ve seen other churches in your community try them and fail. If only you knew what mistakes they may have made, and how you can avoid them.

Fondly referred to on this podcast as the “godfather of multisite,” Jim Tomberlin is the founder of MultiSite Solutions and a recognized leader in the multisite movement. In Episode 2 of the Alignment Conference podcast, Jim offers three questions you can begin asking now to know if you’re in a good position to move toward multisite, along with several lessons learned from churches who made some mistakes along the way to launching their next church.


Taking Flight: A Podcast Interview for Church Planters with Mark Jobe

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Pastors: are you throwing your hands in the air, ready to quit? Not sure where to go next in your ministry or what God is calling you to? Experiencing burnout or exhaustion? Whether you’re a seasoned pastor or you’re diving into your very first church plant, chances are slim that everything in your ministry has gone off without a hitch. Maybe you’re at a point in your life where you simply feel… stuck.

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Responding to Your Vision of Church Expansion: An Aspen Podcast

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If your church wants to expand to more locations, you must first know the questions to ask:  What does “going multisite” mean? And a “church plant” . . . is that the same thing? How do other churches make a decision to expand? How might it affect the leadership and operations within my church?

In Episode 1 of the Alignment Conference Podcast, Brooke Hempell, senior VP of research at Barna Group, shares what she learned when asking church leaders around the country these same questions—all compiled in the More Than Multisite research study.

And if you’re not a numbers person, don’t worry. In this conversation, Brooke helps make sense of the data in applying it to your vision of church expansion.

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5 Models for Church Expansion

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Whatever the churches in your neighborhood look like, stop for a moment, and consider the church that isn’t there. At least, that isn’t there yet.

What will it look like? Who will attend? What will its relationship be with the people who live, work, and play in your zip code? How will it be built to reflect the values of those pastoring and attending the community?
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3 Ways to Spot a Great Leader

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It can be challenging to find excellent leaders. Here are three characteristics I look for to spot a great leader, plus which qualifications and traits are necessary and which are not.

When identifying leaders, it’s important that they demonstrate the following three characteristics:
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Announcing Aspen’s 2017 Alignment Conference: Launching Your Next Church

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“The idea of multisite churches began as a bandaid solution for megachurches that found themselves out of room,” says Jim Tomberlin, founder of MultiSite Solutions.

Now nearly three decades old, the multisite church model has proven it’s not a passing fad. But it’s changed a lot in that time, and its next phase will look nothing like its first.

Today’s multisite church includes hybrid variations of the traditional one-church-in-multiple-locations model, often incorporating planting as part of a church’s multiplication strategy. These new approaches call for new skill sets and structures to support rapid growth and change.

But where do you go for answers to the hard questions that surface in the midst of church expansion? And how do you think strategically about multisite and multiplying churches when so many new models are emerging?

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A Recap of Aspen’s 2016 Alignment Conference

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Today’s multisite church includes hybrid variations of the traditional one-church-in-multiple-locations model. Often, church planting is incorporated as part of a comprehensive growth strategy. These new approaches call for new skill sets and structures to support rapid growth and change.

Faith leaders who contemplate moving their church beyond a single campus face a variety of daunting questions: What kind of building or location will best serve the community we’d like to reach? How will resources be shared or distributed? Who should be on the launch team? Can the church maintain unity and stay on message across congregations? Which model makes the most sense for our context—and will it work?

At Aspen’s 2016 Alignment Conference, more than 200 senior pastors, executive pastors, business administrators, and ministry leaders gathered to explore answers to these hard questions about church expansion.

With five main stage presenters and 11 breakout sessions, attendees had an opportunity to think strategically about multisite and church planting so that real reproduction—and even multiplication—can occur.
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