How to Begin Building a Generous Church Culture

By September 17, 2015News

Generous churches are a by-product of generous leadership. At Generis, we’ve seen a common denominator among financially-thriving churches. The leadership sets the pace.

Of course, everyone knows this mentality to be true, but for some reason we tend to diminish its validity when it comes to building a generous giving culture. Conversely, churches who never seem to have enough money to fund their vision often have several members of staff and leadership who show no giving history.

If there’s one thing we hope you get from this brief video segment, it’s that building a generous culture starts with you – the leader.

Brad Leeper, president and principal at Generis, will explore what it means to build a generosity story at your church and offer steps to disciple your church to greater levels of generosity in his breakout session. Register today!

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