Millennial Conversation Goes to a Whole New Level

By July 24, 2014News

In 2013, Aspen Group and the Cornerstone Knowledge Network partnered with Barna Group, leading Christian researchers, to better understand the principles of design and architecture that best connect with Millennials (18- to 29-year-olds). This multi-phase study of young adults from various religious backgrounds included a national online survey of approximately 800 respondents. It also incorporated focus groups in Chicago and Atlanta, which walked through urban cathedrals, suburban megachurches, city parks, and coffee shops to glean experiential responses from the Millennials who participated.

At last year’s conference, Kinnaman took a first look at the data. This year he’ll take a deep dive into the findings and explore what they may mean for churches across America that are wondering how to make room for Millennials. Each attendee will receive a copy of Barna’s new monograph at the conference—an easy-to-read analysis of all the study’s key findings. This detailed report will outline traits Millennials say help them find their place in the church.

Other speakers will further flesh out what the research findings mean in terms of communication, giving, and church design, with a special emphasis on understanding Millennials. If you attended Alignment Conference in 2013, you got a taste of this topic. This year we’re taking the conversation to a whole new level! Don’t miss out on an event that will help shape the future of your church. Register for 2014 Alignment Conference now!