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How to Cool the “Thermostat Wars” at Church

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Typically, the most heated conflicts in a church have to do with differences in theological or scriptural interpretations and doctrinal beliefs. But there’s another aspect of church life that gets temperatures rising and causes daily dissension—“thermostat wars.”

How many times have you struggled to keep everyone comfortable in a sanctuary that’s not too hot, not too cold—just right for everyone? And when your heat or air conditioning kicks on, does it sound and feel like a sonic boom just went off?

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Launching Your Next Church: A Recap of Aspen’s 2017 Alignment Conference

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What do we do when we run out of space? How do we answer God’s call to plant another church or campus site? Where will we find the resources we need to launch a new church? How do we train leaders and raise funds? How do we engage Millennials? Is it even the right time to start thinking about planting a new church?

As a church leader, you may find yourself asking these same questions. Weren’t able to make it to Aspen’s 2017 Alignment Conference? Here’s a quick recap of the main stage keynote talks.
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Top 4 Communication Challenges for Multisites

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Recently, Aspen Group and Fishhook collaborated to host a roundtable gathering for a group of Indiana-based churches that have invested in the multisite ministry approach. The conversation focused on some of the challenges related to multisite communications, like naming, branding, online presence and staffing.

Over lunch, these leaders shared their stories—what they have learned so far and what they are tackling next. Their multisite ministry experience ranged anywhere from one to thirteen years. Although their approaches differed, they found common ground in their focus on kingdom work and how to do it well, how to be both open and organized, to be dreamers and doers, to steward their resources well and have a far-reaching impact.
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Building a Story Trailer

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Can an older brick church serve as a beacon of light in a city blighted by violence and economic distress? Can a newer big-box church serve as a community hub in its affluent suburban neighborhood? Two churches. Two very different stories. Both united by a common goal to bring the Gospel to a broken world.

At this year’s Alignment Conference, you’ll get a chance to hear how these churches are building a story in and through their ministry space.

Watch a preview of their stories here and then register for Alignment today.

Your Sneak Peek at This Year’s Conference

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Many faith communities and Christian organizations are struggling with how to make space for Millennials—not just appealing space in their buildings and gathering places, but also space in their institutional culture, ministry models and leadership approach.

Last year, Aspen Group commissioned Barna Group to conduct a groundbreaking study focused on what types of spaces draw in 18- to 30-year-olds—otherwise known as Millennials. And you’ll finally find the answers you’ve been looking for when we present those findings at this year’s Alignment Conference.

Take a peek at what you’ll discover.