Greg Snider, Project Developer

Aspen Group

Born and raised in the Chicago area, Greg Snider joined Aspen Group in 1999. His introduction to Aspen was from the other side of the table. As his home church’s building team chairperson, he experienced what it was like to partner with Aspen Group on a church building project. This experience gave Greg firsthand knowledge about how to serve churches during planning and construction, and it has fueled his passion to lead churches through the design/build/furnish process ever since.

Greg, his wife Leann, and their three children live in New Lenox, Illinois. He has served as a Deacon in his church, and he’s been on the worship team and served in other various ministry roles. He and his family also do missions work, local and overseas, through their church and with an agency they support.

Main Stage 9:15 AM–Church In and For the Community

Churches once held a place of influence at the center of our communities. Many hospitals, colleges, and social services were launched out of the vision and benevolence of the local church. Now, however, congregations are often relegated to the fringes of society. Zoning laws and church and state divisions often prohibit churches’ access into the town square. So how can the church regain its place as an anchor in our communities? Greg Snider will introduce this year’s theme for Alignment—You Are Here: Building for Community Impact—and share his passion for how churches can renew their influence and impact right where they are be becoming churches that are in and for the community.

Breakout 1:15 PM–Creating Space for Community Impact

Churches striving to transform their communities need to develop a strategy for creating space for community impact. Greg Snider will help you explore how to leverage your church facility to regain your presence and influence within the community, as well as share case studies of churches that have built innovative and effective space for community impact.