Kurt Andre, CEO

Transformational Coaching and Consulting International

Kurt André is a master-certified coach who helps government, business, church, and nonprofit leaders deal with the practical aspects of transformational change. His passion for leader development and his interpersonal skills enables him to successfully transform groups of strong individuals into high performing teams.

His professional experience includes working with multiple generations, from Baby Boomers to GenXers to Millennials. His Ph.D. work centered on post-modernism, and Kurt has long studied and consulted with churches and companies on the unique ways Millennials view and engage in the church and world, both under the banner of TAG Consulting, and his own company, Transformational Coaching and Consulting International. Kurt has written numerous articles, contributed to several anthologies and has served as an adjunct professor at Eastern University. He is currently writing a book on creating high-performance teams, titled: “Eagles in Formation; Creating High Performance Teams from High Performers.”

1:15 pm Breakout – How to Overcome Resistance and Navigate Breakthrough Change at Your Church

For churches considering a building project, change is inevitable. Change can also be highly disruptive and create resistance within congregations when competing values surface…and they always do. So how do you help your church navigate change in a transformational way? Join Kurt Andre as he delves into the key components of leading through change, including a look at the single most important factor that will determine your church’s success–your culture.