Mike Martin, Executive Pastor/Chief Operating Officer

All Nations Worship Assembly

Mike Martin is a communicator, strategist, author, and brand specialist. He currently serves as the Executive Pastor and Chief Operating Officer at All Nations Worship Assembly (ANWA), which includes seven national locations. Mike is responsible for the ministry’s business operations and communications, including brand development, public relations, and creative direction.

As both a pastor and a marketing professional, Mike’s passion is helping ministries express their Kingdom assignment through strategic brand identity. He has helped both large and small organizations in the private and public sectors build and improve their brands, including the Chicago Housing Authority and other public housing agencies. His book, “The Ministry of Branding: A Biblical Approach to Brand Building,” is a manual for ministries and Kingdom-minded organizations for designing brand, with insights on how God views the practice of branding.

Mike is part of the Pastor Panel, “How We Structured Our Church for Community Impact.”