At this year’s Alignment Conference, you’ll not only HEAR great content on Millennials and church architecture. You’ll also be able to SEE, TOUCH, and SMELL it.

The event will take place inside the all-new Community Christian Church-Yellow Box, the site of Aspen Group’s latest church building project. Since November 2013, Aspen Group’s been busy constructing a new:

    • AUDITORIUM: Suitable for Weekend Worship, Concerts, Conferences, Theater Productions, and other Naperville community events.
    • TRAINING SPACE: For Community Christian Church to recruit, develop and send church planters like never before.
    • LOBBY (“THE HUB”): A space that not only encourages connection, but also provokes action.

At the end of the day, we’ll be offering free tours of the space in which Aspen staff will share how Community Christian Church specifically incorporated design features to help make room for Millennials.

Watch the time-lapse video below to preview the new space.